For its projects, Pronova Systems Inc. will use company experience and experience of its key personnel accumulated in more than two decades of marine, industrial and offshore systems. The most important recent projects are:

1.1. Marine Projects

  • Design and Refurbishments of OIL rigs
  • Design and Construction of Ferryboats,
  • Refurbishments for research vessels,
  • Centralized Control, Alarm and Monitoring Systems;
  • Many projects for minor upgrades;


1.2. Oil & Gas Projects:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation design, engineering and procurement for the 05 Sea Loading Stations for Sonatrach, Algeria;
  • Onshore Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Systems for the Sonatrach, Algeria project,


1.3. Offshore Projects:

  • E & I design for Offshore Loading Platform (Jetty) for Marathon;
  • E & I, HVAC design for Sakhalin 1 Project for Exxon Neftegas;
  • Design – Refurbishment for “Eagle” semi-Submersible oil rig for Atwood;
  • All discipline design refurbishment of “Ocean Confidence” oil rig for Diamond Offshore;
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of a SCADA System for M/V Joides Resolution


1.4. Industrial Projects:

  • Distributed Control System for Raufoss Auto Parts-plant;
  • Projects for water treatment systems;
  • Projects for robotics lines;
  • Projects for aeroplane industry;



2.1. General expertise

Pronova Systems Inc. has expertise and capacity to handle the:

  • Design;
  • Engineering;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Installation;
  • Commissioning and Service:
  • Training, for Power Generation, Distribution, Propulsion and Automation Systems.


2.2. Scope of Supply

Our Scope of Supply includes as a minimum:

2.3. Project Management

Project Management for the Bidding Process; Project Management for the project implementation.

2.4. Engineering Studies

  • Fuel Saving System;
  • Profit Maximization;
  • Trim Optimization;
  • Mathematical Modellation, Simulation and Optimization of Ship’s Propulsion and Power Generation and Distribution System;
  • Cost – Performance Optimization by establishing the most suitable configuration of the Power Generation, Distribution, Automation System;
  • Size, Weight and Interconnections data for the proposed equipment;
  • Classification and Regulatory Preliminary Approvals of the proposed package;
  • Engineering Studies during the bid;
  • Harmonics Analysis;
  • Fault Currents Analysis;
  • Breaker Co-ordination Study;
  • Load Flow and Voltage Drop Analysis;
  • Grounding Systems;
  • Lightning Systems;
  • Lighting Systems;
  • Equipment Selection;
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis;


2.5. Equipment for the Integrated Power Generation,Distribution, Automation, Onshore and Offshore Systems

  • High, Medium and Low Voltage equipment;
  • Generator Sets;
  • Low Voltage Switchboards:
  • Medium Voltage Switchboards
  • Emergency Switchboards
  • Clean Power Switchboards
  • Customized Switchboards
  • Distribution Panels
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Power Management and Load Sharing Subsystems
  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • SCADA systems;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Control Consoles.


2.6. Miscellaneous Systems

  • AC and DC Uninterruptible Redundant Power Supplies;
  • Tank Gauging Systems;
  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems.


2.7. Installation and commissioning activities

  • System and Equipment Installation and Interconnect supervision
  • System and Equipment Commissioning and Tests and Trials Management



1FUEL SAVING SYSTEMSDesign, Manufacturing, Installation of Fuel Saving Systems on 4(four) large ferryboatsTransport Canada2014
2FUEL SAVING SYSTEMSDesign, Manufacturing, installation of Fuel Saving System on a large cruise linerCTMA, Quebec2014
3FUEL SAVING SYSTEMSDesign, Manufacturing, installation of 3(three) Fuel Saving Systems on tug/barge systemsMcKeil Marine2013-2014
4Mathematical model, simulation and optimization for a Transport Canada ship using a FUEL CELLMathematical model of the Propulsion System Simulation OptimizationALION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, OTTAWA2014
5Mathematical model, simulation and optimization for a Transport Canada shipMathematical model of the Propulsion System Simulation OptimizationALION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, OTTAWA2013
6Lightning and Lightning Systems for mining siteLighting calculation and design, Power distribution Lightning calculation and design ABB2012
7Chemul Oil RigDiesel Control and Safety Systems

Integration Engineering for Automation Systems (DP AA Class, SCADA, Thrusters Controls, etc.)

Refurbishment of the 6.3kV Power Generation and Distribution System

PEMEX Mexico

Subcontractor to Irving Ship-Building Inc.
8Onshore loading station for the oil terminal of BejaiaHigh and Low Voltage Switchgear
Liquid Filled Power Transformers

Valves Actuators

SCADA system

Fire Detection and extinguishing system



Automation Systems

4 Industrial Buildings

9Five offshore loading stations in Arzew, Bejaia and Skikda ports.High and Low Voltage Switchgear
Valves Actuators

SCADA system

Fire Detection and extinguishing system


Automation Systems

10Refurbishment of Joides Resolution (research vessel)Replace a 2000 points Digital Control System (SCADA) using Siemens PCS 7 Software.
Install a Synchro-Condenser

Ocean Drilling Program, College Station University
11Jumbo Mark II FerriesPower Generation and Distribution System.

SCADA Systems

Propulsion Systems
12Spirit Class FerriesPower Generation and Distribution System.

SCADA Systems

Propulsion Systems
Canada BC Ferries1995
13Power TransformersControl systems for power transformer

Cooling (several projects)
VA Tech France2007
14Boeing large cargo loadersControl Systems for Cargo Loaders (serial production)TLD Canada2008
15Midnight ExplorerRefurbishment of a pipe linerDavie Maritime2001
16Raufoss projectSystem for control of temperature in a factory for car parts.Raufoss, Canada2000
17Labatt projectAutomatic Bottle Washing SystemLabatt Canada1999
18Multisource SystemResearch project (patent pending) to combine renewable resource systemsR&D2007
19Fuel OptimizerPLC Based Algorithm of control to minimize the fuel consumption of shipsR&D2008
20Auto-BallastPLC Based Algorithm for Automatic Ballasting of shipsR&D2003
21EngineeringOcean Confidence semi submersible drilling rigDiamond Drilling1997
22Electrical StudyDesign of the ship unloading systemsSeabulk2000
23Electrical studiesRefurbishment the main switchboardAlgoma2000
24FEED StudyAtwood Eagle semi-submersible drilling rigUSA2000
25Electrical StudyRefurbishment of the Main Switchboard for M/V Peter CreswellCSL2000
26IEEE-45 TestsSL ShipsCSL2000
27Grand MananRefurbishment of a ferryboat control systemGrand Manan, NB2003
28Abel JRefurbishment of a research vesselFrance2001